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I am the daughter of a retired Chicago Public Schools Art Teacher. The Art Institute of Chicago was my favorite playground growing up. I was born and raised in Chicago, yet have lived in Chile, Spain, Japan, England, Taiwan, Korea, China, and the United Arab Emirates. 
ART is a passion of mine. It is the only way I have survived this pandemic thus far. I teach art at Lincoln Middle School and always look forward to planting the seeds for a lifelong love of art in as many of my students as possible. When I am not teaching art, I am making art. I recently received an honorable mention at the 2021 New Mexico State Fair for a painting in the Hispanic Art Professional Category.  Additionally, one of my 7th grade students earned 1st place in the State Fair Student Category. I am super proud of her! I regularly participate in Juried Art Shows and look forward to a retirement of making art to support my out of control addiction to ART SUPPLIES!
I have displayed art at Corrales Fine Arts and Glimmer Glass Studio. Currently, my art is permanently on exhibition at the Village Printshop in Corrales.